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Wall Upholstery has the power to transform any interior. Plain, possibly blemished walls become beautiful standing works of art.


French Finish specializes in traditional "clean finish" or "clean edge" wall upholstery. This method is sometimes referred to as "a l' ancienne", meaning

"old school" since its practice dates back to the original installations of clean finish wall upholstery, or tenture mural.

In traditional clean finish, walls are prepared using specially made wood slats which form a custom frame cleating system. The fabric application can be terminated at any point along the wall, including exterior corners.

The use of this type of clean finish installation allows for a greater range of unique design options since it does not require any additional elements. The traditional method of clean finish wall upholstery does not require trim, gimp, cord, crown or base moulding. The rooms created are as envisioned in the design process.

It is the art of tradition, in modern times.

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