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When selecting an interior design theme, electing to have a wall upholstery application, rather than traditional wallpaper or paint, has an array of both aesthetic and functional benefits. The numerous colors, texture and design offerings from around the world allow for a long lasting, tailor made environment. The finished space is one of sophistication and luxury crafted to client specification. Wall upholstery turns the plain, possibly blemished walls of any space into beautiful inviting works of art. Utilizing specially made frame- work and upholstery materials the walls are carefully prepared to ensure the fabric application is smooth and virtually seamless. Fabric is prepared for most installations prior to being applied to the space to create a smooth fluidity for the span of the walls. French Finish specializes in “clean finish” wall upholstery in which no additional trim, cord or welting is used. The wall is completely wrapped in stretched fabric from ceiling to baseboard without interruption. This technique is applicable to a vast range of fabrics such as satin, silk, leather, horsehair, velvet, wool and many others. There are no visible nail, staple or glue marks when the room is completed using the clean finish technique.

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