The company was started in 2009 by Joseph Boisne. Prior to launching his own company, Joseph worked for 8 years in the wall upholstery trade. As the apprentice to one of the best-known traditional French upholsterers in the trade, Joseph studied, learned, and practiced the traditional techniques as well as the newest methods for wall upholstery. The skills he aquired now provide the foundation of techniques used on every project today. 

French Finish offers the highest quality of craftsmanship and is most meticulous during every installation. All projects are treated with extreme care and attention. Each installation receives a customized approach for the individual project at hand. Every effort is made to ensure client satisfaction and concepts are brought to fruition. The company's strict practice of the “clean finish” technique leaves each space a sophisticated and luxurious environment.



​French Finish is a New York based company specializing in custom wall upholstery for the home, office or exhibition space.

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