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​French Finish is a New York based company specializing in custom wall upholstery installations working with national and international clients. 

French Finish Wall Upholstery was started in 2009 by Joseph and Tralona Boisne. Joseph began his career in wall upholstery as the apprentice to one of the best-known traditional French Upholstery Masters in the trade. Prior to launching his own company, Joseph spent 8 years studying, learning, and practicing the traditional techniques for wall upholstery as well as engineering new advantageous processes under the guidance of the accomplished craftsman.  The skills he acquired now provide the foundation for the techniques used on every project to this day and are an invaluable asset to meeting potential challenges presented by the architectural details of interiors.

French Finish is committed to offering and delivering superior quality craftsmanship and exceptional products.  Through fastidious dedication to the craft, creative visions are made real.



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